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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nutrition coach?

A nutrition coach empowers clients to achieve their health goals by helping them implement habits that are sustainable and realistic. They work with you to create individualised plans that compliment your lifestyle, so you can reach your health goals once and for all.

What should I know about working with you?

My coaching style is encouraging and friendly, but firm when it needs to be because I understand the value of accountability when it comes to reaching your personal goals. I also understand that life has a way of hindering progress at times, and I am not here to judge, but to help you overcome those obstacles and challenges in a way that works for you so you can achieve your nutritional goals.

How do your services differ from other healthcare practitioners or coaches?

My focus as a nutritional coach is practical and educational. Nowadays, there is not just a lack of nutrition education, but also misinformation. Nutrition is a key component of a healthy lifestyle and should be a priority when trying to reach any health goal. I have a passion for working with families because proper nutrition in childhood offers hope that future generations will be able to eliminate the health issues caused by a poor diet and lifestyle.


Will I lose weight?

While weight loss is not a focus of my coaching, it is often a welcome side effect. Part of implementing a healthy eating plan includes avoiding addictive foods, such as sugar, processed foods, and refined carbohydrates, that create cravings. One perk of eliminating these foods from your diet can be weight loss.

Do you only help families? 

In my coaching practice, I seek to help as many people as possible. By focusing on families, I feel this helps me reach my objective. However, I also work with individuals to achieve their health and nutrition goals, and I have various packages that suit both individuals and families. Set up a complimentary introductory call to discover which is best for you.

I don’t have the time to cook every night. Can you still help me?

Absolutely. This is a common concern that I hear whenever I work with clients trying to make healthy changes in their life. But cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, keeping it simple is more often or not nutritionally superior. In my packages, I include quick and easy recipes, tips and tricks on saving time (and money!), and guidance on how to batch cook. I know most families are short on time, so all my packages  take this into consideration.

I hate cooking. Can you still help me?

My guidance and support focus on healing through eating a diet rich in nutritious whole foods, which is best achieved by cooking your own meals. However, cooking doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming, and with my encouragement, I guarantee you’ll come to appreciate the healthy benefits it offers. Try my free menu planning challenge and see for yourself how getting in the kitchen can be a simple and satisfying experience.

Do you offer payment plans?

If you know one of my nutrition coaching packages is the right path to help you achieve your family’s health goals, I’m happy to discuss setting up a payment plan that works with your budget. Book an introductory call  today to find out more.

None of your packages suit me but I really need guidance when it comes to my family’s nutrition. Can you still help me?

If you are fully committed to improving you and your family’s health, then I am committed to helping you any way I can. Make an appointment for an introductory call, so we can discuss your goals and put together a package that suits your needs.

If you need more information, have questions, or would like to offer a suggestion, please contact me.

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