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About Nic

“It never crossed my mind that losing weight and being healthy weren’t necessarily the same thing”

About Me

I grew up in a large family where nutrition and health were never really a focus, and so I ate mostly what I wanted. When I left home, I knew nothing about what good health was and gradually started to put on weight, which greatly affected my self-confidence and sense of worth. This led to years of experimenting with different diets, fitness routines and other health fads. 

Each time, I’d thought I’d found the silver bullet, but after a few weeks or months, I gave up because none of them were sustainable. I was always looking for the miracle cure and overnight success without realising the damage I was doing to my body by restricting it and depriving it of the healthy food it needed. It never crossed my mind that losing weight and being healthy weren’t necessarily the same thing. 

I reached my heaviest, unhealthiest, and unhappiest point in March 2018 and knew that something had to give. Later that year, I slowly made changes in my diet and lifestyle. I started running, I gave up alcohol, and I began eating low carb and only whole foods. With my new healthy habits in place, I started to see and feel a tremendous difference. I was motivated, proud, energetic, determined, and as a bonus, I started to like the look of myself again. I had more confidence in my choices and knew I was doing the right thing for my body. This passion for food and nutrition spurred me to want to help others in the same way.

I had spent much of my life working in the restaurant industry, the passion for food and helping people was always there but at the end of 2017 I decided I needed a change, to rebalance my life and I left the industry for good. While on my own health journey others started to notice the changes in me and ask for advice on nutrition and health, this was when I knew I wanted to study nutrition and help people gain back their health. I kept thinking how different my physical and mental health could have been if I’d had the knowledge then that I had now.

Also, from offering guidance to my friends and family I saw the difference that nutritional coaching can make, particular in the younger generation. This sparked an interest in working with people who have families, a way to make as big an impact as possible. I went on to complete a 12 month nutritional health coach diploma with Sano School of Culinary Medicine and have been working with families like yours ever since.

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