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Get your family on the path to

better health!


Is getting your family on the path to better health a challenge?

Is getting your family on the path to better health a challenge? You want the best for your family, but proper nutrition can sometimes fall by the wayside—whether it’s due to a busy schedule that causes you to reach for convenience foods, varying dietary needs and wants that leave your little ones pouting at the table, or it could be a lack of know-how in the kitchen that has you dreading dinnertime.

What if it didn’t have to be that difficult? Imagine serving up delicious healthy meals that spark smiles around the table, all while spending half the time in the kitchen and enjoying the peace of mind and confidence that you’re ensuring the future health of your family.

Let’s make that your reality. I help parents create a healthy lifestyle and habits, so they can give their family the tools they need to live the life they deserve.

Improving health and diet is not an overnight process, but the difference healthy habits will make can last a lifetime. My holistic and positive approach to nutrition coaching is practical, educational, and tailored to your and your family’s unique needs. Together, we’ll work to make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to get your family on the path to better health.

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Hello, I’m Nicola!


Growing up, health and proper nutrition were never emphasised in my family, and so I ate mostly what I wanted. But after I started to put on weight in my 20s, I jumped from one diet and health fad to the next in search of the miracle overnight cure that would solve my weight woes and poor body image. It wasn’t until I reached my heaviest, unhealthiest, and unhappiest point in 2018 that I decided something had to change. 


I completely transformed my habits and diet, and watched not only the weight come off, but my energy and motivation skyrocket. I also realised that if I’d had access to the proper information and guidance about what my body needed to thrive, I could have turned it all around a lot sooner. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to help others, especially parents of young children so that healthy habits and good nutrition are passed down through generations.


How can coaching help you?


Nutrition coaching is for you if:

  • You feel stressed because you don’t have the time or knowledge to get your family on the right nutritional path

  • You are worried about what the future looks like for your children’s health

  • You don’t know where to begin to make healthy changes for you and your family

  • You feel lost when it comes to knowing what to cook, what ingredients are best, and how to make food that is quick, convenient, and fits your lifestyle

  • Your family has various dietary needs, likes, and wants, and it’s difficult to create a menu that suits everyone

  • You feel low in energy, lethargic, and often exhausted. You find you don’t have the will to  be active and experience frequent mood swings

  • You or someone in your family suffers often with colds, the flu, or stomach bugs, or is struggling with a metabolic syndrome, such as pre-diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure


What you can expect from working with me:

  • A clear plan on how to make changes and get your family on the road to healthy eating

  • A newfound excitement for food and cooking

  • Increased energy levels and motivation

  • Stronger immune system and fewer illnesses

  • Peace of mind you’re taking the right steps to ensure a healthy future for your family

  • Ongoing support and encouragement to help you reach your health goals

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